JNA Awards HK 2014

Cutting-edge technology

Kuzi is proud that his company has been named a JNA Awards Honouree.

“Being an Honouree practically acknowledges the mission statement of Diamond Services, which is committed to developing and providing cutting-edge innovative technology that is accessible to all. No doubt, to be recognised alongside some of the industry’s best companies is probably one of the more important peaks of my professional career,” Kuzi said.

“Being acknowledged by Asia’s most prominent and long-standing institution – JNA, is a reward in and of itself. JNA today is the most influential publication in Asia’s jewellery and gemstone industry. Its professional practice and influence when it comes to pushing the industry forward in terms of standards, innovation and best practices are valued by anyone who is involved in our business,” he added.

Being an Honouree also has a positive impact on the industry, he noted. “The growing interest in the Awards, which results in more and more organisations putting forward their nominations, speaks for itself. A high-profile award, which promotes excellence and innovation, is bound to promote professional conduct and high standards of practice in our industry,” Kuzi said.