The Diamond Services Way

Diamond Services Ltd. was established in 2012 in Hong Kong.
Diamond Services  providing B2B services in HONG KONG diamond industry.

The company advantage is lab grown diamonds disclosure in mounted jewelry and loose,by the company unique technology founded in our research development.
In the order to maintain fair and genuine trade in diamonds industry.

  • 2019

    Opening the INDIA office.

  • 2018

    Development completion of
    the D.N.D (Diamond Natural Device).

  • 2017

    We have opened the USA
    laboratory, providing our
    services to the U.S diamond

  • 2015

    Introducing and launching the
    RAMANTEST instrument.

  • 2014

    Awarded with JNA for
    technical breakthrough in the
    identification of lab-grown

  • 2013

    Introducing and launching the
    Diamapen to expose the HPHT
    fancy yellow diamonds.

  • 2012

    Beginning developement.